A heater is essential when the weather is cold outside. No matter which heat pump or gas furnace you have, broken equipment means pulling out the space heaters, wearing thick jackets, and dealing with many discomforts. That is until your HVAC repair company arrives.

The heating systems used in both commercial and residential properties are often highly sophisticated and reliable. However, they can develop problems at any time. These issues can threaten the safety and comfort of your loved ones when they persist.

Your heater may not fire up for a variety of reasons, but there are things you can do to minimize those chances. When the unexpected happens, you can always take steps to rectify the situation. Call the experts in heating services in Elgin for assistance.

There are several reasons why your heating is not working

  • Make sure the power switch is working.

It is easy to accidentally turn off heating units because of the on/off switch. The possibility of accidentally turning off your furnace arises if you store holiday decorations in the attic near your unit.

Consider checking the on/off switch on your furnace in your attic if you’ve had any other technicians near it, such as cable/Internet installers, holiday lights installers, electricians, or plumbers.

  • An absence of maintenance

In the winter, lack of maintenance is the most common reason for heating repair service in Elgin. It is the most common reason why your heater doesn’t work. In most cases, the issue is simply a dirty furnace.

Equipment can fail due to a dirty blower motor. It must have enough cool air to keep the heat exchanger from overheating. Dirty motors need to allow more air to pass through the heat exchanger. You might still be able to use it, but not very effectively.

  • Levels of refrigerant are low.

Using a heat pump to heat your home? In this case, your refrigerant level may be low. You may need to increase your refrigerant charge if you notice your heat strips turning on more frequently. Over time, a low level can cause the compressor to overheat and fail.

Recharging the refrigerant is less expensive than switching out the compressor. Some newer systems that use R-410A refrigerant may be even more cost-effective than replacing the old one.

  • Thermostat problems

The thermostat not turning on the heat is another common complaint among homeowners. In many cases, the thermostat malfunctioning or improperly set is the root cause of the problem. A thermostat regulates the amount and timing of heat generated by your furnace. A good thermostat usually gives you years of trouble-free service and is reliable.

There will, however, eventually be a need to repair or replace every thermostat. You will need to call a heating installation service in Elgin to replace your thermostat.

Consider replacing your current thermostat with a programmable one once you discover problems. It is possible to set different temperatures throughout the day, night, and week with a programmable thermostat. Compared to non-programmable thermostats, these are much more energy-efficient.

  • The installation of ductwork is faulty.

Sometimes, a heater that isn’t working is not due to a problem with the heater. It is the ductwork that is faulty. An important aspect of ductwork installation is ensuring its proper design. When sizing and installing ducts, many installers cut corners. Chances are, the ductwork will have been installed and sized appropriately.

However, when installers do a really poor job, your home’s airflow will always be affected. Short cycling is likely to occur frequently on the heating system. There will eventually be an overheating problem, and the device will fail.

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