Air quality, both indoors and outdoors, plays a vital role for life, which can greatly impact your health status.

How to improve indoor air quality? There are several ways to help enhance your indoor air quality. If you spend most of your time indoors, you should do what you can to improve the air you breathe. Indoor air quality should be pollutant and germ free for optimal health.

Six ways to enhance indoor air quality.

Read the six methods that help you make your indoor air quality better, listed below:

HVAC filter replacement

The system will circulate pure air only if its filter is trapping the undesirable components of air. The air filter can trap all the dirt or dust particles until it gets covered with dirt. Once it gets too dirty, replace it. There are three different periods suggested for air filter replacement.

For instance, if you have more than one pet at home or any member of your family suffers from some illness, replace the filter within 30 days. If you live in a nuclears family, you have only one pet at home, replace the AC filter within two months. If you don’t have pets at home and live in a less polluted area, consider air filter replacement once every three months.

HVAC equipment cleaning

You should clean the entire HVAC unit, including its condenser, fan blades, air grills, etc. You can clean the entire HVAC system, but for ductwork cleaning service, you must contact an HVAC technician every 3 to 5 years. If you don’t clean the HVAC system, it will get blocked. This blockage may lead to the expensive heater or AC repair in Elgin.

Ventilation setup

After AC installation in Elgin, IL, you are suggested to keep our windows and doors closed, but what about the stale air circulating inside? That air needs to be ventilated, so you don’t have to open the windows and doors for this purpose. Rather, you can install a proper mechanical ventilation system by the HVAC professional.

Clean indoors

The quality of air also depends upon how clean your house is. You should keep every corner and every room of your house dirt-free. The indoor air quality will be the same if your house is entirely clean.

Air purifiers requirement

Even though the air filters of our HVAC equipment trap the pollutants, still, it cannot purify the air efficiently. To enhance the air quality, you should place an air purifier in your home that will accompany the air filter in the task of air quality improvement.

Role of indoor plants

Plants improve the air quality outdoors and can also enhance the air quality indoors if you keep air purifying indoor plants. You can visit your nearby nursery and take their advice to know which plants are best for indoor air quality.


Most HVAC problems like dirty coils, dirty air filters, damaged parts, etc., can get fixed during an annual AC tune-up, which is why you should schedule an AC replacement in Elgin, IL, twice a years to keep your ACs in its best condition.

If you sense poor indoor air quality, contact American Family Heating and Air Conditioning services. We consider clients’ comfort, satisfaction, and health our top priority and responsibility. We can help you get a soothing and refreshing indoor atmosphere at affordable rates. Contact us to request a quote today.